Laura’s Touch LLC is a multifaceted business specializing in interior design, tailoring and special events. This unique faith-based venture came into fruition nine years ago with a budget of seventeen dollars and a dream. The owner, Laura Regina Fulton, was inspired to become an entrepreneur by the late Pastor William Bonner who informed her that if she did not like what she was doing, she should open a business and do what she loved.  So she did…with Proverbs 16:3 in mind!


Laura’s Touch LLC is a company known for its interior designs that are prominently displayed within residential homes throughout the city of Columbia, South Carolina. Clients enjoy the benefit of having customized themes, designed by Laura, that further enhance living spaces of which they enjoy. Specialty items such as personalized throw pillows, custom-made comforters and refinished furniture are made-to-order and available upon request.

Laura’s hands were gifted to do a multitude of services, therefore, it is no surprise that tailoring is one of her many skill sets. Laura has always had a love for fashion and subsequently has channeled her passion for such into works of art utilizing modern, vintage and African style patterns, as exhibited above.

Special events planning is the cornerstone of Laura’s business. When consumers are in need of a unique but cost-effective event planner, they employ Laura. Laura’s event planning consists of customized packages and venue bookings. Services provided by the owner include government events, birthday parties, bridal showers and bachelors’ bashes. It is evident that Laura’s mission is to provide quality services to the community while ensuring that each client receives the utmost satisfaction for their patronage.

I have spotlighted this astonishing individual, because of her commitment and perseverance, for she is indeed a shining example of entrepreneurialism within Richland County.


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