Did you know that Notaries, in several states, are authorized to make attested copies of documents – also commonly known as certified copies? In the state of Florida, such documents include, but are not limited to, college diplomas, driver’s licenses, vehicle titles, Social Security cards, medical records, passports, bill of sales, contracts and leases.

Acquiring an attested copy is as easy as locating a local Notary Public. The permanent custodian (or permanent keeper) of the document must present the original to the Notary and request a certified copy. The Notary will make a photocopy of the document to ensure that it is true, exact and unaltered. Alternatively, the Notary may supervise the making of the photocopy by the permanent custodian in lieu of doing so him/herself. The notary will then add notarial wording onto the copy or attach a copy certificate, prior to notarizing the document.

It is important to note that Florida notaries are prohibited from certifying copies of recordable documents such as deeds or vital records such as birth or death certificates. Certified copies of the aforementioned documents and records may be acquired via the applicable recording agency or the Bureau of Vital Statistics, respectively. To acquire state specific certified copies of vital records, visit the National Center for Health Statistics website at