PayPal EMV card readerI am excited to discuss a product that I consider to be one of the best business gadgets currently out on the market. This tool, indubitably, is just as valuable to my notary business as my tablet or smart phone! Have I piqued your interest? Do you want to know more? Great, read on!

The tool that I am ecstatically referencing is the PayPal EMV chip card reader which has proven to be quite the resource for my mobile services. The device enables me to receive various forms of payments from clients anywhere, at any time, with ease. Transactions are synced instantly with the PayPal Here app, documenting charges, payments and invoices accordingly. Best of all, I can email or text customizable receipts to the procurer of my services, thereby eliminating the need to carry a separate receipt book!

This clever compact gadget processes chip cards, traditional mag stripe cards, and NFC payments (such as Apple Pay). EMV cards are inserted into the bottom of the device – whereas, traditional mag stripe cards are swiped or entered manually. If a PIN is required, clients may enter the applicable numeric value into the reader itself. If a signature is required, clients have a wonderful means of signing for the purchase by utilizing their finger (or a stylus pen, if preferred) via the PayPal Here app.

The PayPal EMV chip card reader is an impressive tool that delivers exceptional service to my customers and me. Gone are the days of carrying cash, mapping out ATM locations or rushing to office supply stores to purchase receipt books – now, I can seamlessly conduct business just by depressing  the power button on my credit card reader!

If you would like to know more about the PayPal EMV chip card reader, please visit the PayPal website at